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James Finton Photography

I started out in product photography 45 years ago, by taking pictures of my own custom fixtures and furniture (for the retail trade).
In 1981, I was asked to take horse show pictures at our local county fair.
 I told the horse show committee (in all honesty) that I had never photographed (show) horses before. The committee was most helpful, giving me magazines and pictures so I would know what to look for.

Then they took me to a horse show (Arabian) to watch the photographer, so I would know where to stand and what to shoot.

My first shows were not so great as I didn’t know the difference between a trot and canter. My new customers were very understanding and encouraged me in the field.

Having been self-employed since 1961, the need to do the very best I can has been engrained into me and carried me into my new career as an equine photographer. Every show was and still is practice for the next show.  Eventually recognition came in the horse show world.

As more shows contacted me, requests came from the livestock departments for coverage of their venues. I found that using the same applied techniques on livestock that were used on horses met with great success.


We endeavor to provide photographs with intimacy and professionalism that will bring back treasured memories for a lifetime.

"We love what we do and it shows"